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Capital Physical Therapy and Fitness

Welcome to Capital Physical Therapy and Fitness! People are our passion and we are striving to be the absolute best PT and personal training clinic not only in Charleston, but in the entire state of WV! Our mission is to help patients and clients meet their rehab and fitness goals faster and with more cost effectiveness than your average clinic. We plan to do this by taking a very active and engaging approach to empower patients/clients in their own health and wellness. We have taken countless hours to apply the newest research and data in our clinic to apply it toward meeting ALL your goals as quicky as possible.

Our Programs

Specialty physical therapy services offered at Capital Physical Therapy and Fitness include:

ACL Specialists

What to expect?

  • Full return to sport/play testing monthly.
  • Treatment on an Isokinetic for treatment for fast progress.
  • Blood flow restriction therapy!
  • Coordination of care with coaches, physicians, and schools.
  • Treatment on an isokinetic machine for fast progress.

We are the best ACL post-surgical treatment specialist in the Charleston area and beyond. Athletes from all over the state travel to our facility for our top-of-the-line equipment and skilled therapists.


Sports PT

What to expect?

  • To be treated like a professional athlete!
  • Access to professional testing and equipment (isokinetics / force plates)
  • Proper exercise guidance / recommendations
  • Injury prevention education
  • Access to return to play specialty program

Common patients include local semi-professional athletes, college athletes, and high school athletes of all sports!

Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT)

What to expect?

  • Proper selection of the right kind of compression
  • A professional, individualized exercise program
  • Thorough education about your specific type of lymphedema
  • Management techniques of the disease

We’re the only CLT specialists in Charleston and we have great success with our treatment plans. Common patients with lymphedema include patients suffering from cancer and radiation/chemo and or morbidly obese/post-surgical patients.


Vestibular Rehab Specialist

What to expect?

  • Thorough verbal evaluation and assessment
  • Various head-turning techniques for treatment (Epley maneuver)
  • Proper exercise selection targeting the source of vertigo (somatosensory, vestibular, or visual system)
  • Guidance with precautions after Epley maneuver

There aren’t a lot of options for vertigo treatment, so we are glad to offer this service. Common patients would include any/everyone with dizziness/vertigo. Ages ranges from childhood to late adulthood, but most cases seen are 25 and higher.

Parkinson’s Disease Specialist

What to expect?

  • Highlight of the LSVT “Big” Gold Standard for PD treatment
  • Proper staging of PD and setting up a support system
  • Objective testing of functional mobility (walking and sit to stand test)
  • Medication timing and home exercise prescription

The three most common signs of Parkinson’s Disease are bradykinesia (slow movement), resting tremors, and rigidity (increased stiffness and mobility).


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

What to expect?

  • Professional/expert assessment of strength (patient or client)
  • Proper exercise prescription to any person with an injury or for personal training
  • Programming for power lifters
  • Programming for marathon runners
  • Proper demonstration and video of form/technique of exercise

Patients under this category tend to include teenagers and parents of teenagers or athletes of any age/serious strength athletes and professional-grade athletes. Coaches and orthopedic surgeons are also good referral sources.

Gym Membership

Gym Membership Are you more hands-on? Do you like traditional, face-to-face coaching? We have you covered. We offer a gym membership and in-person personal training options.


Personal Training & Fitness Coaching

Do you want to tighten a hard to reach area? Do you want to improve your energy and stamina? Are you ready to feel good again? Give us a call. Our team offers complete personal training services. We help you reach your goals, stay motivated, get healthy, and gain confidence. For more information, call us now at (304) 926-0913.

ACL Bridge Program

When insurance stops covering the cost of PT after ACL-R we have created a program to continue with athletes to ensure they are safe and prepared to return to sport!

ACL Return to Sport Program Months 3-12

Platinum Plan -

Gold Plan -

Silver Plan -

Testing Package -

**The rehab team will discuss each athlete’s profile and will give a team recommendation for return to play in each individual case. **



  • We all know that nutrition is essential to healthy living, but between what you hear on TV and read in the news, eating right can seem downright confusing. Meeting with a Registered Dietitian can help you cut through the clutter, and provide a sound, easy-to-follow plan that is tailored to your goals and health condition. Rachel Sallade, Registered Dietitian, and owner of New Day Nutrition, LLC, has a passion for educating and empowering others to make healthier choices when it comes to food. She believes that it is never too late to start taking control of your health. Tomorrow is a new day, and even one small step in the right direction can lead to benefits that last a lifetime.

Nutrition Therapy is different for everyone depending on their needs, medical conditions, schedule, stage of life, and more. However, here are some of the basics of what to expect when you book a package:

  • Learn to set achievable goals
  • Quick and easy recipes, a guide to fast food, tips for building a better breakfast
  • Easy to follow visuals that kick calorie counting to the curb
  • Information on macronutrients, micronutrients, and how to create the perfect meal for blood sugar balance and satiation
  • Learn to eat mindfully and follow your internal hunger cues
  • Accountability and meal reviews on an easy-to-use app for smartphones
  • Tips for meal planning and product suggestions for grocery shopping

Ready to take back your health? Email Rachel at [email protected] and set up a discovery call. Currently, Rachel is only accepting private pay, but a superbill will be provided for possible insurance reimbursement. To see available appointments this month, follow this link:

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